Sales and Refinance Appraisals

Getting a home is the most significant investment many of us could ever encounter, It doesn’t matter if its a primary residence, a seasonal vacation property of a rental fixer upper, purchasing real property is a complex transaction that requires multiple people working in concert to pull it off.

It’s likely you are familiar with the parties having a role in the transaction. The Real estate agent is the most recognizable entity in the transaction. Then, the lender provides the money necessary to finance the deal. The title company ensures that all aspects of  the sale are completed and that a clear title transfers from the seller to the buyer.

So who’s responsible for making sure the property is consistent with the amount being paid?  ” In comes in the appraiser”. We provide an unbiased opinon of what  a buyer could expect to pay – or a seller receive – for a property, where both buyer and seller are informed parties. A professional California licensed Certified appraiser like Lou Najera will ensure you as an interested party are informed.

Whether a Purchase or Refinance transaction, rest assured that an appraisal provided by Lou Najera Appraisals will not be questioned.

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